Here is a dictionary of the variety of Canadian French that is my first language. This variety of Canadian French largely represents the varieties of Canadian French that have commonly been spoken by French Canadians in Manitoba for almost 150 years. It is closely related to Québécois French but is quite distinct from it, and it differs considerably from the standard French that is taught in schools and used in official documents.

The orthography used in this dictionary attempts to phonetically represent this Canadian French language as accurately as possible. All verbs are given in the infinitive with the first person singular of the present indicative following in brackets. Genders of nouns are given, as well as some comments on usage and a few sample phrases.

I will probably update this dictionary before very long. I may also produce conjugation tables of some of the more important verbs in the near future.

[The original 03-07-2021 version has already been replaced with an expanded 04-07-2021 version.]